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Under the influence of various schools of human transformation, especially Tantra, my focus has been to assist in personal expansion, bringing greater perception, consciousness and ability to feel.

As a sexological bodyworker and facilitator, my work focuses on unblocking limiting beliefs and shames that hijack the energy of self-expression and spontaneity.

Through various techniques of body awareness, soft touches and intense massages that awaken sensations, the individual’s free expression is stimulated, increasing his availability to try out meaningful experiences that bring them satisfaction and joy.

These techniques lead us into states of consciousness where powerful transformations may take place that could enhance creativity, the ability to love and live with freedom and wholeness, more centered on personal truth.

In any interactions the following will always be respected:

– Promotion of greater awareness of the body, of all expressions of conscious and consensual sexuality and eroticism;

– Encouraging the free development of unrestricted potentialities, based on personal responsibility and working together with the therapist;

– Valorization of all sexual and gender identities, without discrimination of age, creed, biotype or special needs.

closeup photo of cactus plants

Frequently, our traumatic experiences force us to create a protective   armor  against  pain.

The problem with these armors is that they also prevent us from feeling pleasure.

Re-learning to feel can be a delicate process, but much easier when we are guided without  pressure  or expectations.

It is very rewarding when we learn to dispense with these armors without becoming undefended.

Beyond increasing the pleasure, the awakening of our erotic body can provide us with the reencounter of our own essence.

woman eyes eye beauty
Sometimes a simple exchange of looks can undress us to the soul.

As we are truly touched by someone else’s gaze, we recognize our fears and insecurities and this can be the invitation to face and overcome them.

The relief of detaching ourselves from these ties that hinder our growth is like breathing freely after being stifled by our limitations for long.

The freedom of being authentic and spontaneous without the insecurity and fear of others’ judgment rescues us the power and the confidence to exist with pleasure and joy.

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