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About Me

Tantric Therapist
Somatic Sexual Educator

Always very eclectic, my interest in people led me to a life related to the care of the other, which guided my graduation in Psychology and studies in the area of psychodrama and bioenergetics.
A strong connection with spirituality, however, has brought me the curiosity to learn more about Reiki, Tarot, aromatherapy and shamanic practices.
But it was my admiration for the work of Wilhelm Reich and the discomfort with the vision of a separation between the domains of the sexual and the sacred, that made me seek and fall in love with Tantra, performing several intensive courses, workshops and personal experiences in Brazil, Australia and Europe.
Still in a quest for greater deepening in human sexuality, I undertook the training in Sexological Bodywork, which brought the clearest perception of our constant search for connection and intimacy, to reach higher levels of satisfaction and meaning in life.
Learning is continuous, and in this way I have been working with massages, experiences and the dissemination of this liberating way to see and live life.

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