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The work is oriented to increase the perception and the ability to feel, so any massages or touches to be offered will be preceded by orientations about breathing, physical and verbal expression.

Each opportunity of experimentation, of challenging and expanding the limits, will be used as a way to add different means of breaking barriers obtaining pleasure and self-knowledge.

​The intensity and depth of each process depends on the availability and surrendering capacity of each person, which is related to their history and current life moment.

​In any of the chosen modalities, the touch is unidirectional from the therapist to the client, with the purpose of supporting them in their erotic-sexual development to better explore their own body.

In no way there will be moments of sexual interaction for mutual gratification.

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​An initial conversation will better clarify all possibilities to help in choosing the best approach.

– Smooth touch
– Tantric massage
– Male Genital Massage (Lingan Massage)
– Female Genital Massage (Yoni Massage)
– Anal Massage
– Prostate Stimulation
– Couples Massage
– Coach of Masturbation and Sexual Yoga
– Erotic Rituals
– Four handed massage



Smooth Touch​

The whole body is slowly stimulated by a soft and provocative touch. The awakening of the sensations accompanies its rhythm and can be preceded by a sensitivity test of numb zones.
Ideal for those who need to recover intimacy and confidence without intimidation.

Tantric Massage​

​By alternating stimulation and relaxation, the whole body is touched with different movements and pressures. Combined with conscious breathing and relaxed communication, it can be an amazing awakening of our erotic body and discovery of new unexplored erogenous zones, further enhancing the ability to feel pleasure.

Male Genital Massage (Lingam Massage)

Not infrequently and mainly because of our education, man disconnects his genital from the rest of the body by immensely restricting the capacity to feel pleasure and the time it lasts. In this massage the main focus is to reconnect the pleasure of the penis to the rest of the body in order to use all the sexual potential and rescue the pleasure of the body sensibility without depending on fantasies or pornography.

Female Genital Massage (Yoni Massage)

The women’s free sexual expression is submitted to such a repression that produces an alarming statistic of restricted pleasure or absence of orgasm in nearly 70% of them.
This massage aims to reconnect you with your vulva, appreciating its anatomy, revealing erogenous zones and promoting the release of guilts and taboos that prevent the total expression of sexual pleasure and enlargement of your erotic body.

Anal Massage

Responsible for our first genuine independent production and autonomy exercise, in a time when we are absolutelly dependent on our carers, our anus is usually relegated to oblivion or embarrassment, by the repressions and taboos of our educators.
Many repressed emotions can be released through this relaxing massage focused on the dissolution of taboos and shame related to that area which is also associated with how accumulative we are or how much difficulty we have in letting it flow.
The empowerment, that men and women recover by reintroducing this erogenous zone into their sensory repertoire, releases not only a lot pleasure but it is also capable of promoting an immense deepening of intimacy and increasing self-esteem.

Prostate Stimulation​

The huge taboo, associated with the anal zone, imprisons as forbbiden one of the possibly most intense points of pleasure for a man.
This massage focused on the men’s health and the expansion of their pleasure, produces one of the most important freeing of autonomy and reconquest of the male body: the right to feel the prostate orgasm without prejudice to their virility or any doubt over their sexual orientation.
The inclusion of this form of pleasure in the repertoire can provide a better understanding of the different types of orgasms and increase the intimacy level of the couple.

Couple Massage

Several can be the reasons that a couple loses the ability to communicate, as well intimacy and pleasure, bringing serious problems to the relationship.
Sometimes the shame and taboos, learned from our cultural backgrounds, are among them, combined with the dichotomy of men’s hierarchical role versus women’s.
In any case, to increase the level of communication and intimacy always help but it can be a challenge without an external motivation.
That couple massage is a great refresh opportunity for your relationship to regain the desired pleasures level.
In addition to that it is always a chance to learn different ways of giving pleasure to each other.
That four-handed massage (the therapist’s hands and alternately each of the pair) opens space for a new level of intimacy and resumption of sexual intensity, with more joy, relaxation and pleasure.

Masturbation Coach & Orgasmic Yoga

​Individual or in group the objective here is to overcome shame, sensory-motor amnesia, dependence on pornography and awaken erotic consciousness with the use of multimedia resources and face-to-face or distance learning.

Erotic Rituals

Including elements of Tantra, spiritual aspects, energetic balance of the chakras and a concept of sacred sexuality, these rituals aim to provide an integrated experience of physical, emotional and spiritual bonding in a sense of expansion and connection to the universe.

Four Handed Massage

If you are looking for more intensity of sensation, a four-handed massage can give you even more pleasure.
Only surrendering and letting your body be touched consciously and surrounded by the rhythmic movements of two therapists can be a very pleasurable experience and lead to altered states of consciousness.
Dropping all the resistances and indulging in the sensations of this massage can be the way to access space never imagined in itself and open access to the ecstasy.



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