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Sexological Bodywork

Sexological Bodywork (Somatic Sexual Education)

It is a method created by Joseph Kramer Ph.D. in 2003 in California, USA, which brings together a set of somatic techniques to help the individual to arouse their erotic body, overcoming fears, taboos and resuming their own sexuality.

Through somatic sexual education and the stimulation of the senses in a conscious and attentive way, we may increase our capacity to feel pleasure and the regulation of sexual energy in the body.

This method has the potential to produce profound and transformative experiences, assisting the individual to achieve their conscious erotic fullness, self-knowledge, and development of their creative potential through altered states of consciousness.

Over the years it has been improved and enriched by the constant work of several scientists and scholars of human sexuality who in their research produce new ways of understanding body and mind in an integrated way.

Some of the practical benefits that can be seen with this work can be:

– Reconciliation with your body;
– Deepening the level of sexual intimacy;
– Increased genital sensitivity;
– Resolution of pains in sexual intercourses;
– Recovery of discomfort due to scars caused by surgeries;
– Regulation of ejaculatory precocity;
– Overcoming erectile difficulties;
– Increased orgasm time and identification of different types of orgasms;
– Release of blockages due to shyness, shame or guilt;
– Support in the resolution of sexual and emotional traumas;
– Support in issues related to sexual identity.

A Sexological Bodyworker or Somatic Sexual Educator works with physical sexual excitement, free from fantasies, guilts, dogmas, cultural constraints or any limiting patterns.

Through conscious and self-directed practices that extend the experience of the body itself, this work promotes the transformation of sexual blocks, fears and insecurities that hinder the free expression of pleasure and a healthy sex life.

The combination of conscious attention, breathing exercises, making sounds and movements, coupled with touch stimulation activating sensitivity, that combination has a profound effect on the neuroplasticity of our nervous system.

Guided sessions of this practice help awaken the erotic body and develop self-regulation of one’s own body and sexual energy.


Other professionals collaboration


“Therapist – Sexological Bodyworker Collaboration:
Considerations and Suggestions”

By Jack Morin, Ph.D. (*)


“Sexological Bodywork (SB) in particular builds a bridge from talking to experience in cases that involve one’s sexuality. I have felt that a profession such as SB was needed, so it’s exciting to see this new profession, with its specialized training and ethical operating principles, being utilized by therapy clients. It has changed the way that I work to have this kind of therapy available. It is so much simpler now to recommend clients get bodywork with a defined and specialized profession. My clients have been getting very powerful results.”

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(*) Jack Morin, Ph.D., author of Anal Pleasure and Health (Down There Press, first published 1981) and The Erotic Mind: Unlocking the Inner Sources of Passion and Fulfillment (1995), was a psychotherapist, sex therapist, and professor of Human Sexuality in San Francisco for almost 40 years.


Jack Morin interview about Sexological Bodywork

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