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It is a Sanskrit word that means expansion and liberation, refers to a Hindu millennial knowledge, a complex system of description of reality, as a practical and applicable science, whose objective is the integral development of the human being in its physical, mental and spiritual.

* ​“When an action or thing, once completed, becomes beneficial in various matters for a person, or for many people, this is known as Tantra”.
– Sabara, 6th century

​** “Medieval texts present their own definitions of Tantra. Kamika-tantra, for example, gives the following explanation of the term tantra:
Because it elaborates (tan) copious and profound matters, especially related to the principles of reality (tattva) and sacred mantras, and because it provides liberation (tra), it is called tantra. “

​* / **  Source: Wikepedia

It is based on the union of Shiva (the active force, masculine) and Shakti (the feminine passive force) also known as unyo mystica, a full integration, non-dual, completely in harmony, as a way to reach fullness and enlightenment.

It is centered on the development and awakening of Kundalini, the “serpent” of igneous energy, of biological nature and sexual manifestation, situated at the base of the spine and ascending through chakras until it reaches Samadhi (suspension and understanding of existence and communion with the universe).

In Tantra the body is seen not as an obstacle but as a means to attain this state of knowledge and enlightenment.

As an instrument of consciousness expansion, Tantra proposes the breaking of taboos and repressions that block the free flow of energy in the body. This increases ones’ ability to release and expand this energy, generating a new state of perception and consciousness.

With inspiration in Tantra, I work to bring to the individual this ability to open to a freer life, centered in the present moment and integrated with their body, which becomes their greatest ally in this process of transformation.

person holding hand

The intimacy of being touched all over the body and allowing it to express all its pleasure freely, without judgments or shame, releases in us an aspect of our personality that is the great force that moves us toward our goals.

Often we are unconsciously driven by this force, not sure which way it leads us.

Turning this force into manifested and to unite with it means to participate consciously in the decision of which goal to attain, at this time, with much more assertiveness and strength.

painted face of person portrait photoSo much time in our lives we are dedicated to learning new crafts, developing skills and potentials. We are taught how to work and study, but how much time do we spend learning how to love, to feel, and to express our sexuality fully?

The moment we give ourselves the space to feel without worrying about roles, expectations, fears, shame, or any other egos’s distractions, at that moment we learn to go deeper and deeper inside ourselves allowing to the body the right to be the protagonist and to express our spontaneity and access our true power to exist.

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