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“I was far from imagining how my Life would change in the space of three months when I began my first therapy session with Sidney.
After gaining courage to move forward with the first session, it became apparent afterwards that many were blockades, taboos and conditioning, essentially sexual in nature, blocking the possibility of a freer, more harmonious and more fulfilling life. Soon in the first session I went through a process of expansion of consciousness and love absolutely unheard of in my life until then. Throughout the various sessions I have been allowing myself to drop fears, judgments and various locks. Something only possible due the trust I was establishing with him. This confidence has been generated by the incredible dedication, presence and unconditional love he places in the work he develops. No one had ever treated me in such a humane and caring way. I really felt that the interest was to ignite the light & love that we are.
It was this ability that allowed me not to give up my therapeutic process when the “descent into the abyss” of myself was making my life unbearable. Each session was for me a balsam of life, love, and orgasmic ecstasy. The culmination of this therapeutic process was the greatest transformation that has taken place in my life. A transformation that allows me to lead an even more conscious, free, fulfilled and true life today. I can only be deeply grateful to the human being who facilitated this whole process of self-discovery, acceptance and surrender to myself. Thank goodness, Sidney for your precious contribution to the wellbeing of mankind, always. Ahooo.” AG – Lisbon, Portugal


“Peace. Fullness, feeling that all parts are present. It is what I feel after the massage and after eight hours of sleep.
What struck me in this session is a set of things. The body scan reminded me of the importance of maintaining this relationship with my body. Consciousness, sheltering, love and gratitude. Eyes closed I felt the warmth of his hands during the imposition of hands. I had never felt it so strong …
At some point I felt like giving in to tears …
The massage with great pressure is very good. Really like. It was pleasantly striking as in the first session. The anal mapping showed that my body works differently compared to the previous session.
What I realize today is that the relationship with anal or prostate pleasure has changed. There may be a relation to the professional moment (…) A certain aridity, reflects the moment.
Receiving touches that symbolize sheltering, breathing, reuniting  the missed pieces (which have always been here) were the highlights of this session. Grasping hands and being hugged, unhurriedly, the most important part in a set of important things.
Factors like You willing to know the moment I live and give me the possible future paths, along with the idea of “the abundance of the universe”, are essential mental points. Your work is unique because it brings together unique elements.
In the heart there is now an important emptiness. Finally there is space in it, to keep important things; the love for what I believe, the people who are important to us, you are in it; and now a little more conscious of guarding the lost parts but always present. ” N. – São Paulo, Brazil


ground group growth hands

“… I loved being there, thanks for organizing and creating open environment. My day since the session is going to be beautiful. Being in the group during the session was very liberating for me. Feeling that each of us is welcome with all our specificities and differences helped me to discover more ample space within myself, to recognize myself and to be happy with my existence in its totality. It left me freer to express and receive kindness before another honestly, without confusing intimacy with sexuality – just as in childhood. I enjoyed looking at my insecurities lightly and noticing the projections about masculinity in society. The day after the first session I felt more strength but also lighter. It’s a magnificent trip. Thank you all. “M. – Lisbon, Portugal

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“… I was quite surprised by the outcome of the session. I knew I was going for a sensual experience and discovery of new sensations of pleasure in my body, but after all it went much further than that. It was an awareness of myself, it was coming up with feelings that were in my subconscious and it was also a step forward in a new approach to my sexuality. I found the pleasure of letting them pleasure me without having to be always in action.  I think it was a new outting of the closet, of my passive self and realizing how good it can be. Thanks again and see you soon. Big hug.”   J. – Lisbon, Portugal

“It was a learning experience, didactic, super pleasant, and very sensitive, and in which a series of emotions flowed: amazement; pleasure; enchantment; dazzle.
Didactic: Through the initial conversation, addressing the subject of massage; for breathing exercises and their importance and for the joint reflections that we have been having; …
Amazement: For what is immanent: calm, security, confidence, professionalism and serenity that brings us and transports us, during this 2-hour trip. For the charm and elegance in the gestures and attitudes.
Pleasure: To learn to do the correct abdominal breathing movements; From the initial reiki, still standing, the heat felt throughout the body …
Enchantment: Throughout the process that ended with the massage; the therapist’s knowledge and methodology; by flowing with all the sensations, sometimes more intense, sometimes less vibrant; the state of existential lightness that I stayed in that night and the weekend; for the night of sleep, beautiful, that I had that night.
Dazzling: For feeling that I have advanced a little more in the knowledge of myself, my emotions and my sensations: with the importance of letting it flow with my body
I am immensely grateful, for this beautiful moment in my existence …” C. – Lisbon, Portugal

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